How encouraging to see that concerts can start again. In my particular field, organ and keyboard music, artists have been moving mountains throughout the lockdowns, putting on shows via YouTube and Facebook. Now, at last, real people are assembling in real venues for real live music. Let’s hope this is some sort of permanent return to normality – on that front at least.

In our forest home, isolation is a normal state! We barely felt locked down at all, apart from the fact that all our shopping moved online, and the excellent delivery drivers were more or less the only people we ever saw.

I’m glad to hear from those of you who have enjoyed the music and videos I uploaded to YouTube. I hope to do more of that soon. We have been in a sort of IT lockdown, after some person with more time and know-how than sense decided to hack our Facebook pages and emails, even hi-jacking the link to this site as their own. If you have received any strange communications purporting to come from us, they didn’t! Please don’t open any weird links. We hope to be restored to full order soon, as we are now being assisted by the police in tracking down who or what took such a malicious interest in our rather tiny and niche corner of the music world!

Today, our heroic web designer has got us up and running with a subscription facility. If you don’t already receive my newsletter, click on Subscribe and it will arrive post haste on your computer each time I add to this blog.

Well, time to close now. I do you hope this finds you and yours chipper after the awful 18 months so many have endured.