No, not bed socks or hot water bottles. I woke up this morning to an email saying that By the Fireside, my 2003 album of winter music, is now available on Amazon. It’s available as single tracks or the whole kit and caboodle, for immediate download to your PC, iPad, tablet or MP3 player – or even through your Alexa if you have one. Just click here to have a free listen.

I’ve decided that, if I can’t beat ‘em, then I’m going to join ‘em, and embrace the 21st century. After all, how much easier it is to receive one’s music immediately online. And how much plastic, money and diesel is saved if one’s not having CDs delivered to the door.

If you feel inclined to put up a review (especially a sympathetic one) that will put the cherry on the cake. It’s worth mentioning that the cover illustration features our own fireplace, and my toy dog is beside himself with excitement that he has made it into the big time as a photographic model.