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Tricks of The Trade

Many of us have bought an electronic keyboard or organ on the strength of a demo from the salesperson. But when we get it home, [...]

Tricks of The Trade2020-10-11T16:07:54+01:00

By The Fireside

Skaters Waltz 5:24 The Tinsel Tree 2:39 Cosy Days by the Fire 3:22 Musical Sleigh Ride 2:22 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 2:31 [...]

By The Fireside2020-10-11T18:55:29+01:00

The Practice Handbook

As Penny found to her cost, playing and practice are two very different things. Simply playing a piece over and over again is boring, and [...]

The Practice Handbook2020-10-26T16:54:55+00:00

Fascinating rhythm

We’re probably all familiar with the sight of dozens of feet tapping in time to a march or dance number at a concert. But is [...]

Fascinating rhythm2020-10-02T15:46:20+01:00

Long time, no hear

Yes, I’ve been pretty quiet lately, I’ll admit it. I’ve been busy taking stock and planning the future. Things in the leisure music world have changed [...]

Long time, no hear2021-02-15T22:29:42+00:00

My first book on Kindle

Well: I said I’d do it, and I’ve started - making products available on-line, that is. One of my best-selling books has been The Practice Handbook, [...]

My first book on Kindle2020-10-02T22:14:53+01:00
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