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Just to let you know that if you click here you’ll hear a very relaxing Oriental chant which uses some rarely utilised voices from my Oriental instrument. Enjoy!

New track notification2020-10-02T22:24:10+01:00

Busy busy!

I’ve got completely into the grip of my video-editing programme. It might be argued I’m enjoying it too much, if my latest offering is anything to go [...]

Busy busy!2020-10-02T22:28:27+01:00

Bright & Beautiful

Today’s uploaded track comes originally from my album ‘A Conducted Tour of England’ and is a delightful melody from the pen of John Rutter. He took [...]

Bright & Beautiful2020-10-02T22:31:37+01:00

Wot, no music?

I’m busy on my next offering, which is quite a bit bigger than usual. Please use the intervening time to pack your case and get [...]

Wot, no music?2020-10-02T22:33:48+01:00

Right on the button

While my ‘magnum opus’ for YouTube is still under construction, I’m grateful to our regular correspondent Terry for sending me this very interesting link. I recall [...]

Right on the button2020-10-02T22:36:27+01:00
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