I’m always delighted to hear from you, and the writer of this email said I can share it with you. It follows on from my post about The Nuts and Bolts of Music, and how I’d been inspired by musician and broadcaster Anthony Hopkins:

“Your comments re Anthony Hopkins not only brought back many memories of his broadcasts but also a little anecdote which I thought might be of interest. Anthony came to the college when I was doing my teacher training. He began his talk by saying that he had just composed something in the staff room before the meeting. He was just concerned whether it was original so asked if anyone had heard the tune before. Nobody had. That was, of course, until he played it  “retrograde”  We all realised that we did in fact know it. It turned out to be the National Anthem.”

I enjoyed that story. The idea of playing pieces backwards is something we could all try. Wouldn’t it be funny if we found our favourite pieces were actually another tune back to front?