And welcome to my new-look website! We’ve been off-air for a week or two, but I hope the wait will prove worthwhile as I add more and more new features to the site. What can you expect?

The new Penny Post Podcast, a 21st century version of our popular talking magazine which used to go out on cassette tapes. This will be coming very soon!
For the players amongst you, a positive avalanche of new sheet music for you to browse and choose. All music can be immediately downloaded and printed from the comfort of your own home. And if you don’t play, these pieces can make an ideal gift for those of your dear ones who do. Look out for the regular FREE sheet music slot!
Our talking books, again brought into 21st century format thanks to Amazon.
Links to some of my easy listening tracks – FREE on YouTube. Plus albums of my recordings, again available on Amazon.
And, of course, more of my random thoughts on the subject of music in my ‘Weedon’s Wanderings’ blog.

This is a good moment to thank Adam and Tina who designed and ran the original website, and Paul who has been so patient with me in the construction of this new website, giving me unstinting lessons in how to use WordPress.

So now over to you – do explore and enjoy, and let me know what you think. And come back regularly, as things will be changing on an almost daily basis.