As Penny found to her cost, playing and practice are two very different things. Simply playing a piece over and over again is boring, and does nothing to cure bad habits and mistakes. But perfect practice is fun, efficient and produces great results!

In this book, which is fully illustrated, you’ll discover (whatever your instrument) how often and how long to practice; how to improve your technique, reading and listening; co-ordination; theory knowledge; and interpretation. Penny shows you how to become your own best teacher, able to identify and correct errors and design exercises to overcome them. Included are a practice checklist and clear and essential theory charts.

Say goodbye to wrong notes, hesitations, timing glitches, loss of co-ordination and that feeling that practice is just hard grind. Really enjoy your progress, and use the tricks of the trade to bring out the very best in your performances.

Penny Weedon FLCM ARCO LGSM is a solo performer, teacher, music journalist, examiner and composer who says there’s no such thing as ‘too late’ when it comes to realising your potential as a musician.

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