One of the most popular topics at my festival teach-ins has always been ‘Tricks of the Trade’. Picture the scene: you go into a shop where a salesperson demonstrates a keyboard to you. The sounds are stunningly realistic and impressive. In no time at all, the deal is done. But you get your new instrument home and it just doesn’t sound the same. Why is that? It’s all down to knowing those little tips that successful keyboard demonstrators use.

Now I’m collecting those same tips together in a series of free, bite-sized videos which I hope will be fascinating to players and non-players alike. I’ll explain and demonstrate in close-up the musical sleight of hand which turns a play-through into a stunning performance – simple tricks that we can all share and enjoy.

You can watch the trailer here. If you click on ‘subscribe’ under the video, you’ll hear immediately I add each episode. I’m excited about this series. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!